Jennifer Lopez Channels Her Inner Audrey Hepburn

I applaud ballsy Jennifer Lopez for turning out in this major glamour diva look at the London premiere of The Back-Up Plan. There is no one out there who stirs the fashion pot better (save for Lady Ga Ga, who is more circus performer than fashionista).  Unfortunately, her post-modern take on Audrey Hepburn is a total dud…the outfit comes off as laughable and screams fashion victim.  The trinkets around her neck completely throw off the fabulous leather creation, and the shoes are boring. Oy, I haven’t even started in on the round loaf of rye bread perched on her head.  This outfit would have soared with no necklace, sleek hair and fabulous S & M-style strappy booties.

You be the fashion critic – what do you think about Jennifer’s look?


  1. Yosa Addiss says:

    Usually I love her choices- but that looks too much like a trash bag. I am not convinced on the bag, or necklace either. Hair is either very good or a birds nest…

    Make-up? Flawless!

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