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Manolo Loves: Jerome Rousseau Glittering Green Shoes for Earth Day

Manolo says, Earth Day is coming, you will need shoes!   Green shoes that will properly express your dual  commitment to the Earth and to being super fantastic, perhaps like these Jerome Rousseau Aizza Glitter Pumps.
Rousseau?  You would be the savagely beautiful child of nature in these!
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—— Guest post from the Manolo [...]

Mel and the Octomom Headed to Splitsville!

Manolo says, not since the delicate romance of ageless pop-goddess Madonna and her one true love, Brazilian philosopher and savant, Jesus Luz ended prematurely (or not), has the world been so traumatized as it has by the news that Hollywood he-man Mel Gibson and his baby-mama, the Octomom, have ended their once-thought-eternal love.
A source told [...]

Renée Zellweger Lives the Normal Life

Manolo says, so it is true, the super famous people are just like the rest of us!
Look! Here is super-mega movie star Renée Zellweger bringing home the plastic bags filled with paper towels and the cereal just like the rest of us! And she does not even use the snooty self-congratulatory [...]

Oprah Does Not Do Stairs

Manolo says, in honor of the news that “Oprah Does Not Do Stairs” — preferring instead to be carried up the ramp of her Montecito pyramid in the gilded sedan chair borne by four oiled Nubians — the Manolo has wondered what other celebrities “do not do.”
Happily, this week’s celebrity news provides plenty of information [...]

Special Guest blogger starting Monday!

I’m absolutely beside myself with heart-palpating excitement to announce a very special guest blogger on next week:  I will be swapping posts with the mega-star of the fashion blogosphere, the brilliant shoe fetishist Manolo The Shoeblogger!! As anyone who has read The Manolo’s musings, his writing is genius – I see a Pulitzer in [...]