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Adam Lambert Exposed!!

Londoners got quite a scare the other day when Adam Lambert left his cave with no makeup on.   At least no makeup by Adam’s standards (what’s a little eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara between friends?).  Thankfully, Adam appeared later in the day with his full warpaint mask on.
Which do you prefer Adam au naturel or [...]

Dame Adam Lambert?

I’ve always lived by the credo The More Makeup The Better, so you can imagine how astonished I was when Adam Lambert first came on the scene.  I was a big cheerleader for him and admired the singer for the guts he had to be his true glittering self.  Alas, here is Adam performing over [...]

Poll: Who has the worst makeup job in Hollywood?

Christina Aguilera, Adam Lambert or Cojo?

Adam’s Timewarp

Adam Lambert appeared at the Critic’s Choice Movie awards as Jacqueline The Ripper in dandy English vest, daring leather glove-ettes and more lip gloss and warpaint then Christina Aguilera at her son’s Baptism. Isn’t Miss Lambert dangerous-looking?