Khloe Kardashian’s Fresh Makeup?

I’ve got to give it to the Kardashian sisters – they never leave the house without being fully made-up and camera-ready.  Here is Khloe with her usual ten pounds of makeup on except she’s working a lighter lip.  Beside Khloe is a photo of some cheap tranny impersonator.  Whose makeup do you like better? And win a special prize if you can identify the slutty impersonator.


Matt Lauer is Like Fine Wine

My ex-husband and one true love Matt Lauer hit a New York party looking as dashing and suave as ever.  Matt looks like he was born to wear a tux, he is a gentleman and a truly elegant man.  Good to see he is slim and in good shape, he is like the adult version of Justin Beiber – same dewy skin and size 30 waist.


Ellen Pompeo’s Ode to Lettuce

Pass the fat free Thousand Island dressing because Ellen Pompeo‘s dress looks like a head of iceberg lettuce and I’m famished.  The Grey’s Anatomy star fizzled in an unflattering frock at a New York charity luncheon – the rumpled top is bad enough, but the wilted-looking faux flower and the fabric hanging over her shoulder truly pain me.

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