News Bulletin: Kristen Almost Smiles

Kristen Stewart

Miss grumpy-face herself Kristen Stewart managed to almost purse her lips together in something that resembled a smile in London recently.  Maybe the kidney pie does something for her?  Or maybe she knew she was having a good outfit night.  I love this well-cut little number, it’s so now!

See who else attended the Elle Style Awards.


Cary Mulligan’s Funeral Chic

Cary Mulligan

British actress Carey Mulligan (An Education) is being buzzed about in fashion circles as the next ‘It Girl’ of the red carpet.  But everyone has an off day:  Mulligan sulked into the Elle Style Awards in a dour ensemble that looked like something Hillary Clinton would wear to a state funeral.

What do you think, my darlings?

Click here to see which Olsen twin also attended the Elle Style Awards and looked fabulous!


Courtney Love Cleans Up

Courtney Love

Whenever I think about Courtney Love, I always think ‘demure school-girl’! And here is the singer frightening the locals in London in a uniform look reminiscent of what Tootie rocked on the Facts of Life.  As for the fried hair, Court, I’m immediately Fed Ex-ing a kelp conditioning hair mask to you.  Because I care!

What do you think about Love’s look?


Fashion Triumph of the Day: Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen

Bravo to Ashley Olsen for her stunning Fashion Moment at the Elle Style Awards in London.  Olsen shined in a feminine light-as-air creation that featured a plunging neckline and a fab tulle train.

Sophisticated yes, but hip too – love the see-through skirt, Ash.

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?


Justin Timberlake’s Academic Style

Justin Timberlake

I think Prof. Justin Timberlake looks spiffy in his fresh take on college campus chic.  The clean sport jacket, dandy pocket square, crisp dark denim jeans and tossed on scarf all add up to an on-target style that would rock a Poetry 101 class.

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