Chanel Over-sized Leather Bag With Faux Fur.

Chanel oversized leather bag with faux fur. $4,900 at Maxfield. Ask for Luis. I would love this as a Xmas present. Hint, hint. Xo

Here are some alternatives:

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Balmain Leopard-Print Coat

Balmain leopard-print coat with gold chain detail. $24,000 at Maxfield. Below are some fabulous alternatives:

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Lady Gaga Gets Wicked

Judging by the photo of Lady Gaga in Berlin, it seems the singer has found her best guise yet: As Elphaba in the touring production of Wicked.  I don’t see Gaga as a fashion icon in the least. I would call her a performance artist, living installation, freak circus attraction or professional Madonna impersonator.  The get-ups she wears seem too forced to me, more of a superficial cry for attention than anything truly meaningful or of cultural significance.  Maybe I’m wrong, but how many little girls want to dress up like Lady Gaga?  PS. This is the deepest thing I have ever written and I’m submitting it to the Harvard Review.  They don’t call me Mensa Cojo for nothing.

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