Fashion Triumph: Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick

Channeling Cary Grant, Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick successfully pulled off a spiffy look in New York City yesterday. Love the actor’s sleek 3-piece pinstripe suit, skinny tie and tucked just right pocket square.


Kristen’s Shearing

Kristen Stewart

Is Kristen Stewart going deeper and deeper to the fashion dark side?  One clue might be her new edgy locks which look like they were cut by Samantha Ronson’s barber.  Not that I would ever call Kristen butch, but everytime I look at her a little patch of hair grows on my back.


The Plaid Shirt R.I.P.


Kurt Cobain fans rejoice!  The late rocker’s signature grunge look is back with a vengeance and suddenly the anti-fashion plaid shirt rules.  And even more horrifying, the ubiquitous shirt is being seen as acceptable attire on red carpets and a hot go-to item for chic cocktail parties in Bel Air.  Someone pass me some smelling salts and and a Paris Vogue magazine.


BREAKING NEWS: Cojo’s Oscars Date


JWowwWhen it comes to my escort for the Oscars, i figure why not have the best? So I’m hitting the red carpet with Jersey Shore’s JWoWW aka The New Audrey Hepburn.  Here she is in her Oscars outfit – a couture number by the ultra-exclusive Leona of Long Island.


Fashion Victim of the Day: Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

I say if you are going to fail, you should fail big.  And that’s just what singer Leona Lewis did at the Love Ball London where she turned out in a spectacularly hideous dress that looks like it was designed by Beyonce’s mother.

Does this dress give you indigestion? Thoughts please my fashionistas!

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